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Robot Creativity Workshop – Call for Papers

Syntropic Counterpoints: Robot Creativity and Fuzzy Theatre of Machine Mindfulness

Workshop Chair

Prof. Dr Predrag K. Nikolic
Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Shantou University, China


Description of workshop

Syntropic Counterpoints is the research project which has the intention to expose artificial intelligence cyber clones to some of the crucial topics for humankind and future of the society. The clones are having discussions between each other and create their content based on knowledge they were fed initially.  They reply to each other based on respond analysis and related topics in the knowledge feed.

Participants in the workshop will be introduced to the concept of robot creativity and humanless creative process. Furthermore, they will be challenged to discuss about crucial social and philosophical questions related to crucial human judgment principles such as moral, ethical etc. They will be given authentic content generated by Artificial Intelligence clones of Aristotle, Nietzsche, Machiavelli and Sun Tzu to analyze it and create theatrical peace and storylines.

The objectives of the workshops are to:

–          Increase participants’ critical thinking and viewpoints toward better understanding of Artificial Intelligence Generate Content.

–          Raise critical discussions about new social paradigms such as “machine moral” and “machine ethics”.

–          Offer machine-made content as new creative media.

–          Increase awareness of AI Aesthetic and Robot Creativity raising phenomena.

The goals of the workshop are to:

–          Reconceptualize Artificial Intelligence raising presence and influence in modern society.

–          Re-Think different aspects to consider in future development and challenges AI will be exposed by humans.

–          Identify key research direction for meaningful utilization of Artificial Intelligence and autonomous services of the future.

–          Introduce a new creative genre “Art od AI Sense” or humanless creative process and machine psychology.

The expected outcomes:

–          Scientific Journal Publication.

–          Theatrical peace foundation for future application in creative industry.

–          New multi-disciplinary partnerships among researchers/stakeholders leading to new working groups seeking to address specific Robot Creativity and Artificial Intelligence Mindfulness questions and projects.


As a technology-driven society, we are facing new challenges related to “machine ethics”, “machine moral”, machine aesthetic and mindfulness paradigm in designing future autonomous systems and devices. As such, more attention should be given to social properties involved in future AI algorithms and machine learning.

In our approach, we are combining art and technology to create intelligent interactive artefacts which are trained to generate content as part of an artwork’s creative concept and expression. Unlike the use of AI as a medium to support or imitate human creativity and behavioral patterns we intend to liberate and explore its creative patterns through the robot – robot interactions.

The workshop has intention to offer new viewpoints on creative production of future in all aspects of entertainment industry and raise critical questions to consider before we are omitting human from creative processes.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Aesthetic
  • Robot Creativity
  • Robot-robot interaction,
  • Intelligent interactive artefacts
  • The art of AI sense
  • Machine-made context
  • Interaction design


All registered papers will be submitted for publication by Springer and made available through SpringerLink Digital Library.

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Short papers should be from 4 to 8 pages long and submitted via the Confy submission system.

Important Deadlines

Full Paper Submission deadline
13 September 2019 [final]

Workshop Submission deadline
20 September 2019 [final]

Notification deadline
11 October 2019

Camera-ready deadline
1 November 2019

Start of Conference
29 November 2019

End of Conference
1 December 2019

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